Need a bit of help with my old MVP 3.0 Pro

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    Apr 8, 2016
    Ok well bout a yr ago my iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro stopped charging (broken charging port) not a hard fix but instead of fixing it I just decided to buy the SMOK Alien which I a still currently using.
    Anyway way back prolly 6 months ago I tore into the MVP to see whats up with it, it wasnt the charging port persay but most of the wiring inside was stiff and brittle so like a dummy I desoldered all the wires cleaned all the contact points and then threw it in the drawer. Kinda forgot about it till now & have no clue where any of the wires go lol
    Does anyone have a wiring diagram or maybe have a MVP 3.0 layin around they wouldnt mind popping the bottom screws out of & snappin a few pics of the wiring..?? :anyone:

    Pretty Please with some Deep fried Strawberry Ice cream on top !! ;)

    Thank You !

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