New builder, looking for advice for first time RTA

Discussion in 'New Builders Corner' started by BrokenChef, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Oct 22, 2018
    I like big tanks and I cannot lie, lol

    I've read many posts that contradict each other about flavor in RDA vs RTA and what is MTL and all the others?

    Anyone have a link to an explanation of all these different options?

    I want something that doesnt leak so it sounds like the newer top air RTA's is what I need.

    The new WOTOFO Serpent Elevate looks pretty sweet.

    Do I want single coil, Dual coil???

    What mesh do I use?

    What cotton do I use?

    What other items do I need to get started?

    Who has the best prices?

    How often do I need to rebuild?

    I've been using a Plato Aspire 1.8ohm for about 3 years now but have moved on to sub in a search for more, different and just started DIY juices as well

    So I just got a WOTOFO Flux Mod with RIg Mod Pro Flow tank using .18ohm mesh coils so I guess I need a 25mm RTA, maybe 30 if it has a bigger tank but I dont want it sticking out too much.

    I'm thinking something more along the lines of .5-.75 ohm running around 25 watts is what I am looking for but I could be dead wrong. Just trying to figure this stuff out!!!

    Thanks a BUNCH!!!!
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  2. gsmit1

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    Mar 14, 2018
    That's a lot of questions LOL!
  3. Just Frank

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    Mar 17, 2017
    I wasn't aware of that one. Looks like a dandy.
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  4. The Cromwell

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    Jan 15, 2016
    With that resistance/wattage I am not sure that the larger tanks will work for ya.
    I like the origional Merlin RTA at 25 watts with a single parallel SS316l .35 coil. only 23 mm though.
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  5. Hoggy

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    May 25, 2016
    A lot of questions there. You might want to slow down and read around some more and ask more specific questions when you need to.
    Having said that, I'll try to answer some briefly.

    I second the opinion on the Merlin RTA. Best flavor even compared to most RDA's. And it has an 'offset' velocity deck making for very easy single coil builds and a good amount of room so your coils have less chance of hitting the sides. It also isn't prone to leaking, IME. You could also build dual on it, but that could be a bit more tricky. Naturally, single coil is easier for a new builder. But if you want to get into dual coils, go for anything with a velocity deck.

    As far as wicking, my choice is that Rayon beats all, hands down - plus you don't get the sock taste. You can find a link to one of the smaller 40ft offerings in my sig. (I splurged for the 3lb box of 900ft for ~$20. :) )

    To build nice looking and repeatable coils, I'd recommend something like the Kuro coiler. I don't use mesh wicking nor coils, so I can't help with that part.

    Fasttech has the best prices for hardware type items, and due to that it is the ONLY place I EVER buy from. It takes a while coming from China, but the prices and free shipping on everything more than make up for that, to me. They're also the only China site I know of that offers great customer service along with a US address to ship things back to - and they reimburse your packaging and shipping costs.
    For flavor concentrates, I think the best prices are from Hartland, Wizard Labs, and Bull City Flavors. Hartland has the best prices for 16-ounces, hands down. Except for the brands that do price fixing like Flavour Art and Capella.

    You only ever need to rebuild if the coil could be causing any off flavors, but I haven't come across any time that it happens. Mostly, any off flavors would be coming from a gunked coil - after which you take out the [rayon] wick, dry burn, and then rewick.. Then you should be good to go. Of course, you could always rebuild when you just get bored or think a build might not be right for the particular atty.
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