New IJOY Limitless RDTA vs IJOY RDTA 5s vs IJOY RDTA 5

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Both IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic Edition,IJOY RDTA 5s and IJOY RDTA5 were developed by IJOY team.New Limitless RDTA was the most powerful RDTAs in the marketplace, RDTA5s is the updated version of IJOY RDTA 5 and here,the article will make a comparison between these three IJOY RDTA Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer here to get users more details.

    Limitless RDTA Classic Edition vs IJOY RDTA 5s vs IJOY RDTA 5 Tank

    1. Size : New IJOY Limitless RDTA and RDTA5 were 25mm,the RDTA 5s was 24mm.

    2.eJuice capacity : Limitless RDTA Classic was 6.9mL,the RDTA 5 was 4mL,the RDTA 5S by IJOY was 2.6mL.

    3.eJuice filling system : IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic Edition was side filling, RDTA 5 was top filling,while the RDTA 5s was Innovative Central Top Fill.

    4.IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic pre-installed postless deck for high levels of flavor creation and used
    Interchangeable building deck for 11 optional deck and can be used as a RDA/RTA as well .

    5.New Limitless RDTA used Delrin Drip Tip,IJOY RDTA5 used Resin Drip Tip,while IJOY RDTA 5s used Ultem Wide bore Drip Tip.

    6.New IJOY RDTA5s has a push and lock body section ,and compact size for ultimate taste.

    7.IJOY RDTA 5 with unique resin drip tip and isolated heat and for single coil build.

    8.IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic Edition Tank prebuild coils.

    Summary : If you wanna a powerful RDTA with prebuild coils and amazing and creative features,then buy NEW Limitless RDTA will be your choice and this atomizer has launched the marketplace for ages and left many good reviews and price is affordable too. But if you wanna compact RDTA with awesome flavor,then you can wait for a moment,then give IJOY RDTA 5s a shot. But if you are looking for a RDTA for Single Coil build as well as stylist with appealling features,then IJOY RDTA 5 will right for you as well, after all,this tank has tested by many users and price is cheap and decent.

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