New Smok Stick V9

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    Mar 17, 2017
    I'm interested. I use V8s, Prince Sticks, all those sorts of stick mods. The new one has a built-in 4000mAh battery. I'm thinking they put a 21700 in there.

    The tank is 28MM and uses Baby V2 sized/styled coils and holds 8.5ML of liquid....that's a lot. I use a Baby V2 with triple mesh coils and the liquid goes down fast.

    I use a OBS Draco and love that it has some sort of battery life indicator. The Smok sticks I own don't have that. This new one does-

    The tank is called V9 Max but it's essentially a 28MM Baby V2.
    "Bigger than Bigger" lol

    I've seen these coils around and was expecting a new stick.

    I know that many vapers look past these types of devices but I love em. I want one of these but I'm not going to rush right in and pay a lot. I'll eventually get one though. Hopefully more new stick mods drops the price of the older versions but we'll see.
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