New to RTA. A few questions.

Discussion in 'New Builders Corner' started by WaveyDL, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Dec 5, 2018
    I got my first RTA the other day and so far I'm loving the setup. It's a Dead Rabbit RTA on a box I got of a friend (AEGIS Legend)

    I'm new to this having come from a Vaporesso SWAG. The guy in the shop was great and built this for me and said when it needs changing I could just come back and he'd do it for £10 but I want to do this myself. I tried to get advice from him but combining his strong accent and my bad hearing we didn't get very far.

    First off I like how this vapes. The mod is at 55w and the coil is showing 0.11 ohms. I'm a fan of both sweet and fruit but have been sticking to the less sweet flavours on the SWAG so I don't chew through coils. I don't chain much and like it cool and with lots of flavour.

    SO here's my questions and sorry if they have all been answered elsewhere but I'm having trouble sorting through it all to find the information.

    1: Coils. What wires do I need to build myself. I want premade coils but there's so many names and makes I'm kinda lost. Aliens, Claptons, Staggered, Juggernaut and so on.

    2: What shouldn't I do? I know this covers a big subject but I'm talking about breaking things. Will some kinds of wire or coil build damage the tank/mod or can I just go for it and see what I like?

    3: Where to buy stuff? I'm in the UK and there's plenty of online places and more shops. The shops cost quite a bit more so any recommendations on good online shops to go shopping on?

    4: The Dead Rabbit RTA. Is this a good tank. What I mean am I going to get a much better experience with something else? If so can you give me some recommendations.

    5: Cotton. Does brand actually matter? Is one kind better for sweet and another for fruit?

    6: Coils. Same as #5 does it make a difference.

    7: Wattage: Am I doing it right. Lots of youtube videos saying up to of 90w and higher. Does the temperature matter other than to change your experience and life of the coils.

    8: Tools: What do I actually need to build my own. There's lots of tool kits out there with everything you could possibly need including the thing for getting stones out of horses hooves (Swiss army knife joke). What tools do you recomend. I'm both prudent and tight so I want as few tools as I need.

    My problem is that I don't know what I don't know and I don't want to get into bad habits or end up breaking things. So any good videos or guides you can recommend?

    Here's a photo of the build the guy in the shop did for me:

    Thanks for any and all advice!
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    Sep 25, 2015
    Your coils you have now are staggered fused claptons. You can buy spools of premade at advanced vape supply. Usually everyone favors aliens or something of that nature. More surface are of wire for juice to get trapped in and flavor Poppin. Others will chime in I'm sure. The dead rabbit rta is a great one from what I hear. I use cotton bacon and cotton bacon prime. Both are really good. No off flavor and wick super well. I use the little Chinese squares when working quickly though. Hope this was a little help.

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