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    May 22, 2017
    Hello everyone I'm new here at VU , although i've been in the vape business for a while. Long story short I've opened up my own market place for vendors of all sizes to sell their products, it's just launched, and currently only have a couple vendors signed up, so to get more vendors on board, and give some of you another avenue for revenue, if you sign up and say you saw this on I will give you a full year FREE OF MONTHLY fees on the EXCLUSIVE plan. PM me if you're interested, or just take a look around the site.

    It has all the features of the big boys ( we've put quite a bit of money into it so it better) and you can even upload ebay sales directly from our site. Integrated shipping, integrated reviews, your own microstore to set up the way you want. If you've ever sold items on ebay or Amazon, you know what i mean when i say you are rolling the dice with ads there, ebay or Amazon could shut you down at any moment for violation of their "tobacco policy" which includes vapor products it happened to me, which is why after talking to the right people ( payment processors, web developers, vape advocates, and reading laws and policies I created this site . Anyway rather than take up more space, see it for yourself, it won't cost you a thing to try it out.

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