perfect "cherry base"??

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    Oct 29, 2017
    (I debated whether to put this here or in Recipe Requests, so somebody please yell at me if it should go there! :) )

    I'm currently in search of my ideal "cherry" flavor, for either a standalone or to mix with other stuff, and after my recent discovery that my "perfect blueberry" is a blend of like FOUR different flavors ;) , I figured cherry might work the same way. Here's what I've been vaping for a week or two; it must be OKAY, because I'm vaping it like a FIEND, but there's something about the cherry part of the juice that's just not *quite* right (and how hard is it to describe TASTE in words that other people can "get"?? :D ):

    Black Cherry TFA 2%
    Cherry INAWERA 2%
    Cheesecake GC TFA 3%
    Cheesecake TFA 3.5%
    Meringue FA 1%
    Ethyl Maltol TFA 1%

    I did start vaping this one pretty quick off the bat, and the flavors have calmed down a bit after a week or so, but here's how I'd describe it: the cherry doesn't taste *bad*; I bumped the Black Cherry down from the 4% I tried in another recipe and found a little TOO cough-syrupy, and I liked the Inawera Cherry by itself at 2%.

    I think the problem is that the cherry is too "dark" and not quite enough "sweet" - I added the Meringue and EM to address that, but maybe it's the cherry side of the equation that needs tinkering! What I HAVE in my current stash is Capella Wild Cherry, OSDIY Wild Cherrylicious, FW Swiss Cherry, and TFA Maraschino Cherry (which I have WAY overdone in the past, so am a little leery of); does anyone have a go-to cherry that includes any of the flavors I've got?
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    Jul 3, 2014
    I wish! Subscribing, because I'd love to have that wild cherry taste for standalone, or to mix with creams.
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    Dec 2, 2017
    Dunno if ur going dor cherries, or cherry candy. But. Real, fresh cherries have a little tart to them.. one of those things you might not notice untill its not there...just sum to ponder... i dunno much about mixing.. but i love cherries... lol
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    Mar 5, 2017
    If you're trying to refine the cherry flavoring, do it without the custards; instead, use creams & vanillas.
    Most custards take a while to bloom IMO. Creams & vanillas are more shake n vape friendly for quick/early taste testing.
    Get your cherry/fruit blend right first and then make a custard batch to steep.

    Im'a sit on the subscribed couch next to Huck. :) I have never had a good cherry.
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