Program for people that are disabled/people with disabled children.. that can't afford their CBD..

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    Nov 15, 2018
    Hello! I wanted to tell anyone who is disabled, or has children who are disabled that needs CBD products but cannot afford them about this program.

    I wanted to tell you about the company I use for CBD, and their program to help.

    The company I use for the full spectrum CBD from the hemp plant, I get from a company called ENDOCA.

    They have a program- where if you are DISABLED.. or HAVE CHILDREN who are DISABLED - and you cannot afford the cbd, you can see about getting in to their PROGRAM- where you get a 50% DISCOUNT FOR 6 MONTHS.

    The discount code for 50% off is automatically put into your cart after you sign up by creating a login, and write an email to customer service, explaining your situation with disabilities and finances, and ask them to forward it to the people who run the program.
    If are accepted, you can stock up at 1/2 price during that 6 months!!

    -Just wanted to let you know, because there are lots of people, including the disabled veterans that I really wanted to reach, who could really use that for PTSD, pain- and other problems.

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