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    May 18, 2014
    Please be sure you are familiar with our Vendor Guidelines...

    While vendors/associates are allowed to participate in the forum as a vaper - you will only be permitted to SPAM ADS, promotions, or your web links in:
      • Your sub forum (unlimited) - See how to become an Authorized Vendor Here >>> Request a Vendor Sub Forum
      • Sales and Promotions - limit 2 threads per week - posting more than 2 will result in merged threads
      • As an unlisted vendor you are permitted to post in ONE thread in our Unlisted Vendor Forum and ONE thread in our Sales and Promotions forum
        • You may make multiple posts within said threads… but you must keep them contained to your ONE thread in either forum.
        • You are free to edit the title of your thread as it relates to any changes to your shop.
      • All business related posts, ie: ads, promotions, web links MUST remain in one of the two threads.
      • Multiple threads will be merged to a single thread, and points against your account will be issued.
    No affiliate - reference - referral links/codes are permitted.

    No vendor to vendor trolling will be tolerated. You are not allowed to post negative comments, or your deals/links in other vendors threads.

    No Drug/Dry Herb/CBD related pics, videos, posts, links, or Drug/Dry Herb/CBD references are permitted. Also, if your home page of website is all dry/wax related product you will not be permitted to post your links.

    Failure to comply with the above guidelines can/will result in the limitation to a single thread in our unlisted vendor forum, and/or removal of authorized vendor status and sub forum, and/or removal from our forum.

    For complete Vendor Guidelines... click here >> Vendor Guidelines
    Complete Forum Rules... click here >> Forum Rules

    ***NOTE*** The purpose of this forum is for the POSTING of coupons, not asking for them. If you are in need of a coupon, please utilize the forum search features and/or check for it in the Sales & Promos forum.
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