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    Oct 4, 2016
    Hello, i have a fuchai 213 which i have just purchased. This is my first mod with two batteris, my previous one being an eleaf pico.

    My question is, in order to know i'm safely vaping at a voltage for my fuchai i just multiply the two voltages (displayed on the screen in a live fashion) and i don't go over the resulting number right? for example, say the voltages appear around 3.80-3.70, i would multiply 3.60 just to be safe which would give me 7.2 in voltage because they are in a series.

    As long as the voltage, which changes as i up the watts doesn't go over that number i am safe (and of course my amps stay below 20 since i'm using the lg hg2 which has 20 CDR). As i have said, this is my first mod which is in series and i'm just not sure about the whole voltage thing. My guess would be if i did go over the voltage i had between the two batteries the amps would increase which happens with regulated mods as the battery (voltage) gets lower over use.

    My ohms are .52, currently i'm at 50 watts using around 11 amps and it display on screen 5.12 volts. On a near dead battery (6.4 volts) i would safely be able to go up to were it displays 6.4 volts on screen, depending how many amps i consume. This is how i see it.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, as i would like to vape safe and keep my hand/fingers were they are.
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    Jul 8, 2016
    regulated mods don't use ohms law. the forumla for battery amps is
    P(watts)/V(battery voltage) = I (amps)
    so even with dead batteries at 50 watts you would have 50/6.4=7.8 amps. more then safe
    the general rule people use is 75 watts per 20 amp battery and since your mod only does 155 watts anyway, you are more then safe using it as you please with those LG G2 batteries.

    Just don't use temp control and Ni or Ti wire
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