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    [Serpent SMM] (

    **Disclaimer**:I was sent this product for review from [] ( won't change my opinion on the actual product at all. Remember everything you read here is only my opinion and every person will have their own unique opinion on


    The Serpent SMM is a 24mm RTA designed by Matt of the Suck My Mod youtube channel and manufactured by Wotofo. It is a single coil rta with a 2 post, 4 slot build deck. It is made in a way where you can install your coils no matter which way they are wrapped and whether you want your leads to come off the bottom or the top. It is said to hold 4ml of liquid but we will be discussing this in more detail later on in the review.

    Originally they were released in stainless steel and black. Now they are releasing them in gold, blue, and rainbow colors. They go anywhere from $36, on the Wotofo website, to $20 for the stainless on the site that sent this to me.

    It has an adjustable airflow ring which stops on each side. The airflow comes up from the airflow slots and goes up to a 90 degree angle to 2 airflow holes which come out directly beside the coils. It is a kind of restrictive direct lung hit that I have been running 3/4th of the way open.

    Here are a few pictures for your pleasure. :)


    The [box] ( for the serpent smm is a black box with a standard Google wallpaper on it. It has that stupid warning on the bottom of it that still angers me that I don't get any nicotene in my box. On the [back of the box] ( is has all of your normal warnings and such and tells you what you get inside of it. [Inside of the box] ( you will find your rta, a 510 ultem drip tip, 2 extra glasses, 3 [comp wire packs] (] which include o-rings, 4 screws for the build deck, 3 staple coils which are made of n80 from what info I can find, and a piece of cotton.

    **My Experiences**

    I was very excited to get this rta. It was hyped up when it was first released and even a bit before then if you are on all of the youtube channels a lot. Shortly after it came out people started rumbling and wondering why you get 3 glasses in the package. People were saying it was going to break and they knew it was so they gave you 2 extras to cover their own asses. About the only other complaint I heard was that the top cap needed some knurling on it.

    I was mostly taken aback by the 4ml capacity they were advertising, I just didnt know how 4ml was going to fit in this thing. It is a genesis style tank where lots of juice sits under the build deck instead of the deck being at the base of the tank.

    So when I first ripped this thing open I installed one of the coils they put in the bags. It took a really long time to get heating up evenly but other than that it was a really nice coil.

    From the first time I hit it I could tell it was going to have good flavor. In my opinion this is the best flavor I have ever had from an rta. It is comparable to what I get from an rda with a slightly cooler vape because it is only single coil. If you are the type if person who likes tons and tons of airflow and a really hot vape this might not be for you but this is right up my alley. If you like a slightly restrictive lung hit around 50 to 65 watts with good flavor then this would be something I would highly suggest you get.

    **My Conclusions**

    There are only 2 cons that I have found with this rta. Like people had said before you could use some type of knurling on the top cap because sometimes you crank it down too tight and it is hard to get off because it is slick.

    The second problem I've had with this is the juice capacity. It's not so much a problem as an observation. The first time I tried to fit the full 4ml in it the coil was already juiced up and I was able to fit about 3.75ml in it. The second time I put a fresh wick in it and didn't juice the wick. That time I was able to fit right at 4ml in it I just had to sit and wait for some juice to travel up the wicks. That being said this atomizer is going to absolutely drink your juice. I fill this thing at least 3 times a day if it is my primary atomizer I am using throughout the day.

    Now about the glass. Everyone was worried about them having put 3 glasses in the box. I have known a few people who have broke a glass section.

    That being said I have not cracked or broken any glasses so I can't say it is a con. I know that not everyone is not as careful with their mods as I am but if you are usually careful with it and are just aware of what you are doing you shouldn't break a glass. If you do at least you have 2 spares so all in all just be careful. Don't try to break the glass just to prove a point.

    There are lots of pros with this one. First off the flavor. The flavor is great when you put your coil slightly above the middle of the deck.

    The 2nd biggest pro for this is the ease of build. I have used many different coils in this. First I used the coils it came with. I used 2 of them, one with the leads on top and one with the leads on the bottom. Since then I have used a spaced SS 316 clapton coil and a normal round wire spaced SS 316 coil with a 3.5mm ID. You can use anything from a 2.5 mm to a 3.5 mm ID easily on this deck.

    My overall thoughts on this is it's a great rta but it's not for everyone. If you like a slightly restrictive lung hit with lots of flavor this will be right up your alley. Some people like blowing clouds and don't worry so much about the flavor. This won't be for you with the single coil deck and restrictive airflow. Anyone who thinks they might like this I would suggest picking it up and giving it a try because it isn't very expensive.
    For me matt and Wotofo knocked it out of the park with this one and I've had a hard time putting it down since I got it.

    Flavor: 8.5/10
    Clouds: 5.5/10 (this isn't made for clouds at all)
    Overall: 8/10

    Thanks for reading this and please up vote if I helped in any way. Thanks to [] ( for sending this on over and anyone who doesn't mind to wait for Chinese shipping I would highly recommend this site.
    Much love, Jared

    Link to product on the site.
    (Originally formatted for reddit sorry for any difference in format, thank you a lot to anyone who takes the time to read my review.)
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    good accurate review. I've been loving mine. if i had a con for this rta, it would be the airflow (its not bad, just wish it had more), and its kind of a pain to put a round wire build in it. you have to get the lead directly under the screw. as far as the included coils, 2 of mine were good, a few seconds of pulsing, and strumming, and they were heating perfectly. the other one had a hot spot i couldn't work out.
    this has been my edv since i got it.
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    This serpent smm is good, we use it.
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