Showcasing "Adelaide" a stabwood hybrid dna75 squonker 18650 for dogman

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    Feb 8, 2019
    this is "Adelaide" but first


    Closure to the edge

    Guy Martin: "What would you say... A tile short of a roof? One short of a six pack? A few slates adrift? We'd use that one a lot. Lights are on but no one's home. I can imagine, from the outside looking in, anyone that's racing the TT looks like the lights are on but no one's home."

    so here is the block shot

    various colours about 8 in total as a whole it wasn't too complex


    so this is a semi-polished shot above and below is the faceplate its made by me here and has satin or sateen finish to it

    squonk hole cut alfIMG_7691.jpg

    I havent polished it yet I know were about the colours will shine so I'm happy with the cut

    add it all together and we have

    alfIMG_7743.jpg alfIMG_7742.jpg alfIMG_7744.jpg alfIMG_7746.jpg alfIMG_7747.jpg alf.jpg

    this is a harsh white light as its dark here the mod will reflect different colours in different lights

    but in the paw 360

    @DogMan your mod is complete and will go out with spares bagged in leather boxed the full 9 yards

    next time

    a mod that is bound for the USA


    love my mods then like them follow me and buy one
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  2. DogMan

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    Jan 15, 2016
    looks great

    sorry my communication has been minimal. Just busy here in general

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