Smok M80 plus troubleshooting

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    Nov 6, 2017
    Hello everyone! I am brand new and happy to be here!
    I am having some problems with my Smok M80 plus (I know this is an outdated mod, but I really like it). After months of using this with no problems whatsoever, suddenly when I press the fire button, it doesn't fire and I get the message "High Input".
    I know the batteries on this aren't supposed to be replaceable, but was wondering if any of you have successfully replaced the batteries? I was unable to find any helpful information on how to replace the batteries on this mod.
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    Jan 16, 2015
    The Smok M-80 has been known to live up to it's explosive name in that there have been instances of
    the switch being faulty, getting stuck, it overheating and the mods exploding.
    This google page:
    is full of stories about them..

    They also work on pass through meaning they fire off the USB if your batteries are drained or defective.
    But the "High Input" error which is common with the M80 means that the batteries are pushing over 4.5volts.
    You can try resetting it or leaving it on so the battery drains down to 4.2.
    Throw it out.
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