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    Apr 20, 2018
    Hey VU,

    Troubleshoot this -

    Over the last few days my mod has been having a little hissy fit every time I pick it up. I am running the steam crave aromamizer plus rdta on top, a pair of hohm life 3077mah 36.3a batteries on board. The mod itself is reading (was reading) the build at about .093ohms. This is the problem....every other time I pick the damn thing up, it thinks I have changed out the coil, or its telling me the ohms are too high / too low. I have changed nothing since I dropped these coils in the steam crave - and these are the first coils i bought for this tank. Its only a month old? The Mod itself is about 6-7 months old?

    I will get warning messages telling me that the ohms are too high (3.787 is the highest its read) and too low (.041 is the lowest its read). I know Smok needs to be right around 1. to work. I found a thread on here where there is an override if you lock it, hold the power up button you can change the ohm level. Which I did - and that worked for about a day - before it started spazzing out again.

    The other issue I am having is - it doesnt always fire. I will hold the fire button down and nothing. It doesnt register that I am even pressing it? I attached a couple pics of the warnings I am getting.

    I feel like this thing is dying on me, but maybe theres a workaround?

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