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    Jun 28, 2014
    I wanted to make a mint styled mix, but with some kind of new twist to it. This is not a sweet minty vape, closer to a savory minty vape which is a nice change for me. If you are looking for something different to vape give this a whirl.

    Anise FA - 0.5%
    Cardamom FA - 2%
    Creme De Menthe FW - 4%
    Peppermint FA - 3%
    Spearmint FA - 2.25%
    Ginger NF - 2%
    Koolada @10% TFA - 1.25%
    Menthol @10% TFA - 1.25%

    Shake N Vape. Made with 46%PG 54%VG (gotta twist it up some more, hehe) and Vapers Tek Nicotine.

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