SS316L 26g Tempcontrol combusted briefly

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    Oct 26, 2017

    I just built a SS316L build for my first time and i did a 8wrap 26G dual coil build that ohmed out at .25. Just simple round wire.

    I set it up in my ohmmeter and pulse-fired until it glow evenly, this is the only "dry burning" i did. After that i put it on my Sigelei Reuleaux 250w that i have updated to the newest firmware. Started testing to vape at 180C and it worked fine, good flavors and all that, but a bit to little heat for my taste so i increased it in increments until i got to 240C where i was satisfied. I used it for about 30-40 puffs and all was fine. Then i wanted to try to increase it to 250C. Took a drag and it was hot and dry as all hell, pulled away to notice that there were flames coming out my top-cap. Luckily i didn't burn myself but it couldn't have been far away..

    I pulled out the batteries immediately as i thought it had shorted or something but after my RTA cooled down i took away the top-cap and the wire looks just as good as before, it's not more oxidized than it was before i put my wicks in. The cotton is nice and wet, nothing burnt, even from the material inside the coil. My wire isn't even close to touching any of the metal on my RDA and it's not shorting anywhere.

    Is this an issue with my build or is it my mod that is defect? Do i need to dry burn the wire more or did i do it too little?

    Gear used:
    Mod: Sigelei Reuleaux 250w, mode SS at 250C, newest Firmware
    RTA: Geekvape Avodaco 24mm. 2post Velocity style deck.
    Wire: Dual 26G Stainless Steel 8wraps 2.5mm ID (0.25ohm). Manufactured by Fison Electronic
    Batteries: 3x LG HG2 (if it matters)
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    Jun 10, 2016
    You need to keep your wick wet. Fewer puffs / more air.
    It does not matter how many watts your mod will push out, What matters is where it performs best. You stated 180 watts.. so why go higher?

    The main reason for higher watt mods is to heat heavier coils that require more power. Example.. a Quad coil build (identical coils) requires more power (watts) than a dual coil build with the same coils.

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