Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA

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    Mar 17, 2015
    The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Lite is essentially the little brother of the original Supreme which was released by Steam Crave during the run of releases following the V1 original of the Aromamizer. A shrunk down version of the much larger Supreme, the Lite version is just that, the original tank literally shrunk down to a 23mm form factor.

    The shrink down though has greatly impacted the flavour that the tank produces for the better. With a 5ml tank option included in the box, it can also hold a little bit more liquid compared to the standard 2ml capacity tank.

    ===SteamCrave Aromamizer Supreme Lite===

    Unboxing - 1:31
    Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Lite - 4:40
    The Deck - 11:41
    Coiling - 12:07
    Wicking - 12:07
    Thoughts - 21:35

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Love my Sup Lite ,
    and my Sup v2 with all improvement from the plus,

    Flavours on lite are enhanced due to reduced 23mm

    Hopefully the lite can be updated like the plus and V2 version , jfc and Airflow have greatly improved, and the Single coil deck on V2 is really nice. they make this happen,
    V2 single coil deck ,

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