Step by Step Teach You Vape Bull Ring Trick

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    What is Vape Bull Ring Trick?
    As we know, an actual bull ring has extra holes.
    Wellon Vape experts told Olivia that Vape Bull Ring Trick unlike actual bull ring.
    Vape Bull Ring Trick will leave no extra holes and disappears pretty quickly.


    The bull ring maneuver also comes in the shape of an O.
    However, instead of the oral cavity, one has to exhale through the nose.
    So, basically, you end up blowing Os through the nose.
    Wellon Vape experts will explain this point more detail below.

    Step by Step Teach You Vape Bull Ring Trick
    Wellon Vape experts have summary, key point of Vape Bull Ring Trick below.
    Simply saying, blow a small to medium sized smoke ring, then lean in and inhale the top of the ring with your nostrils.
    By the way, keep below in your memory.

    What you have to do is simply blow a thick medium O, and then with your nostrils, inhale the top part of the ring.
    Run up behind the “o” and which your nostrils only, in hale the top center of the ring and the illusion of the vape will look like a bull ring.
    Using vapour to create ring through your nose like a bull or any pop punk teenager.
    This creates the illusion of a bull ring in your nose.

    Usefull Tips of Vape Bull Ring Trick
    For those of you who think this might be a bit painful, don’t fret, there’s no pain involved.
    This might take some time and master.

    #1 Tips of Vape Bull Ring Trick
    Get the perfect bull ring, let a nice “o” float and medium speed.

    #2 Tips of Vape Bull Ring Trick
    It will also take a fair amount of practice using an e-cig device that has the ability to produce more vapor to create that highly visible thick ring resembling the bull ring.

    #3 Tips of Vape Bull Ring Trick
    Stand in front of a mirror or video tape yourself while doing this trick so you can tell if you are performing it correctly.

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