The American Vaping Association takes on the CDC

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    Jun 28, 2014
    The American Vaping Association

    Criticizes CDC


    On August 28, 2014 the AVA, a proponent who advocates for the use of electronic cigarettes asked the CDC to take another look at their most recent report that states that e-cig use does in fact play the so called gateway effect that would encourage teens who tried these devices to pick up the terrible habit of smoking conventional cigarettes.

    This recent report by the CDC was called deceptive at best due to the limited scope of research that was performed. We all know the truth of the matter and the AVA is absolutely correct in asking the CDC to retract such a statement.

    The CDC claims that non-smoking teens who used e-cigarettes were 50% more likely to pick up smoking as those who have not. I have stated this before, and I will say it again, this is simply preposterous. Why on god’s green earth would someone want to pick up something that tasted like pure crap after tasting something good? I am not advocating the use of electronic cigarettes by teens in no way but I am only suggesting that using common sense should play a factor in one’s judgment when evaluating the facts.

    The report in itself was also found to be fatally flawed because the when the survey was conducted the teens who answered “probably not” when asked if they would consider picking up smoking were counted as potential smokers anyway. That was not the only problem with these results. The CDC failed to disclose such statements truthfully leading to a myriad of news outlets reporting what was in fact false findings. This in turn spread a bad outlook on the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes.

    As we all know there have been a growing number of studies that claim the exact opposite effect. I have conducted my own research via the internet and this is what I found.

    One study conducted surveyed 1300 college students about their tobacco use. Of those who were surveyed 43 of them answered that electronic cigarettes were the first thing they had begun with, and of those only 1 took up smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

    Another study that was done in the UK in 2013 stated that 2178 children were surveyed and off them only 7% had even tried electronic cigarettes. It found that 2/3 or 66% had heard of electronic cigarettes but never used them. It seems to me that the CDC is disproportionally representing the numbers in order to win public support.

    To keep reiterating the facts another study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health which conducted a survey across Europe of 26,500 people verified that electronic cigarettes users would not move to traditional tobacco. If Harvard is saying it then I am inclined to believe it being that they are one of the most prestigious school in the world. You can read more on what was said by going tohttp://www.ibtimes.co.uk/harvard-study-e-cigarettes-not-gateway-smoking-1453493.

    Now I ask, why are all these reports from different organizations so conflicting? The problem is that there is no uniformity when testing is done on devices around the world. How could anyone come to an accurate conclusion when all the test are completely different? That is where a few simple regulations would come in handy for the vaping industry. If everyone was on the same page things would be a whole lot more conclusive leading to a win in my opinion.

    The facts remain the same. There is in fact no evidence supporting the CDC’s claim or anyone else for that matter. Electronic cigarettes are in fact looked at by many as an anti-tobacco device. A gateway for quitting cigarettes. Anyone with common sense knows that this is true. I have never in my days of vaping met anyone who has told me that they are quitting electronic cigarettes and going to regular cigarettes. It has always been the exact opposite. They would also in my opinion sound pretty stupid for saying so if you asked me.

    I just love when these so called “trustworthy” organizations put out reports of this kind only for people like me and the AVA to debunk their claims. It really brings a great amount of joy to my life to call them out on what we all know as crap. I hope they keep these frivolous claims coming so I may continue to do so.


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