the ecig industry is on fire with rapid growth

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    Jun 28, 2014
    The Electronic Cigarette Industry is on Fire
    Posted by brian yaeger on 7/26/2014 to Vapor comments
    E-Cigarette Market on Fire amongst heated debate

    The electronic cigarette market has been on nothing short of rapid rise in the main stream markets of today. Billions of dollars are being spent on a yearly basis to quell the needs of vapors and these numbers continue to rise. Legislators are continually talking about the regulations needed to control this type of rapid growth and more and more scientific studies are being brought to light every month.

    Most of these studies are state sponsored to determine whether or not vaping is a gateway to smoking traditional cigarettes and whether or not E-Liquids are marketed toward children. It has been my experience as I have been to many electronic cigarette shops that none of these products are in fact marketed towards children. It has also been my experience that when going to my local vape shops, and where I live in Florida there are many, that I have never once seen a line full of adolescents waiting to get there vaping fix.

    In an article earlier this week there was also growing concern that big tobacco companies are taking over the vaping scene and intentionally marketing these products towards children with fruity flavors that sound like a delicious treat and advertisements geared towards children to entice them to vape. Now I would not put this past tobacco companies to do something of this sort for one second, but this has also not been my experience. For myself a small vendor just trying to compete, this is a practice that I would never indulge in. The whole purpose of vaping for me was to quit smoking traditional tobacco, not to encourage children to take up vaping. This would mean to me that I would like the kids to start smoking first, and in about 15 years when they get sick from it only then should they start vaping. Sounds like rubbish to me because that’s exactly what it is.

    There has also in recent weeks been major controversy overseas in Europe about explosions from defective chargers. Let me quickly reiterate the word “defective.” If you read these articles carefully you will come across a little snippet of words that says “the e-cigarettes were plugged into the wrong chargers” which tells me that this is an error on the part of the user and not the manufacturer. I may be wrong, but I have charged my electronic cigarettes numbering in the thousands of times and still no explosions. I will keep my fingers crossed though.

    For those not to savvy when it comes to e-cigarettes there are three main parts to one of these devices.

    1.The battery

    2.Heating coil or atomizer head

    3.The tank which contains a liquid that may or may not have nicotine

    These three thing together allow the liquid to get vaporized underneath a heating element. There are no carcinogens included. No smoke. No bad smell. No bad breath. No yellow teeth, and the list can go on and on to the benefits of vaping.

    The debate as to whether or not electronic cigarettes are either beneficial or toxic to the human body still rages on, but the market share of these devices only is seeming to rise. You can say that electronic cigarettes are rising out of the ashes and in the future are poised to replace the traditional cigarette.

    If you do the math a perpetually small investment into electronic cigarettes just makes since. At the cost of six dollars per day which is the average cost per pack of cigarettes in my area it would cost you assuming that you smoke a pack a day $2190 a year to smoke. That is one hell of a financial burden to take on. That not including health cost, lighters, etc...

    For an investment of about between 30-60 dollars you can pick up from your local vape shop a starter kit and if you like to partake in a lot of liquid tasting like I do you may spend $20 a month buying E-Liquids. That a big difference. To be exact that would be a difference of 1890 dollars you will save a year in cost. I did not include the cost of coils and other accessories because that would vary naturally depending on the user but as you can see there is a major difference no matter which way you look at it.

    There is no doubt or speculation in my mind that electronic cigarettes help the traditional tobacco smoker to quit smoking. Just the simple act of vaping, being that it so closely resembles smoking plays a major factor in the quitting process. Any ex-smoker will tell you that this a fact. I have personally tried nicotine gum, patches, and even prescription drugs such as Chantix to help me stop to no avail. Simply stated I feel better than ever and I have no desire to return back to cigarettes. Why would I?

    Does the Tobacco Industry Dominate?

    One of the hot bed issues on the hill is that Vaping will lead to the smoking of traditional cigarettes. I myself think this is a load of crap. I have yet to meet anyone who started vaping that was not an ex-smoker. Now it is true that BLU ecigs do have about half the market share, but it is also true that yes these are gateway devices, but in a good way. Most all ciga-like users quickly turn to vaping in a short period of time one they come to the realization that those things are mainly junk. The tobacco companies also own much of the e-cigarette market inside Europe as well. I believe that this will change in time as long as the regulations don’t stiffen to the point that it puts guys like me out of business. I am almost positively sure that the big tobacco companies are scrambling to find ways to sink there greedy teeth further in to the more advanced devices so many of us have come to love.


    There is no stopping the electronic cigarette industry. As long as you have people wanting to quit smoking, and to have a safe and much healthier alternative there will be a consistent uprising in the market share. This is not just me talking, but is plainly the facts. This is also why the industry is growing so rapidly among ex-smokers alike. Why would anyone not want to give up those horrendously smelling cigarettes for something so much better? I can’t wait for more scientific studies to come about thus proving all those uninformed politicians wrong. It will be a great day in vaping history when that happens.

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