Theorized some builds...do they fit my vape style/set up?

Discussion in 'New Builders Corner' started by hans dampf, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Dec 2, 2017
    Hi everyone!

    I want to build my own coils and I educated myself enough to use steam engine's calculator, however I'm not quite sure if the builds I put together actually are what I'm looking for, or if they even fit the decks I'm going to use. Maybe someone can help me out :)

    Here are the four atomizers I plan to build for, how I use them and the build I came up with for them. I think I want to use only ss316l. TC seems like a nice option (Kanthal is out) and supposedly it's easier too work with then NiChrome...

    Smok Spirals
    I use the 0.3 coils denpending on the situation somewhere between 25 and 35 watts with half open to full open airflow. The main purpose here is nicotine and I like that I can go from MTL vaping in public to some nice clouds via DTL at home on a whim. I like to continue to do so...is either of the following builds able to that? I'm mostly concerned with the amount if wraps, I'm not sure I can fit as many on the deck.
    Single coil ss316l 26ga @ 6 wraps / 2.5mm diameter = 0.39 ohm
    Single coil ss316l 28ga @ 6 wraps / 2.5mm diameter = 0.5 ohm
    Also, I like my vape rather cold but I'm afraid that the first one is a little slow because of the heat capacity while the second one is a little too fast?

    Smok Big Baby Beast and Ijoy Limitless Classic RDTA
    Both of them are for fun at home. Once, twice, sometimes thrice a day I just want to have big clouds.
    Here I'm using the V8 Baby -X4 Core (0.15), respectively on the Ijoy the pre wicked coil (tripple coil also at 0.15). I really like the BBB because of the effortless clouds at 50 Watts and actually insane flavor. When using the Ijoy at 50 Watts I get huge ass clouds as well, but almost no flavor. Maybe the flavor needs more Watts, but then it gets too hot for me. However, once I tryed dripping directly on the coil...pure magic...
    Here is what I came up with:
    Dual coil: ss316l clapton 26ga + 30ga @ 5 wraps / 3.5mm diameter = 0.21 ohm
    Dual coil: ss316l fused clapton 28ga + 30 ga @ 5 wraps / 3mm diameter = 0.15 ohm
    With these two coils I'm also concerned with the ramp up time. Is it bad? How much would preheating with TC change?

    Wotofo Serpent RDTA
    This one I'm not using yet. Its intendet use is somewhere between the Spirals and the two dual coils. That is using it at home for a vape that's a tad more satisfying (flavor and cloudwise) then the spirals, but doesn't use as much liquid as the BBB and the Ijoy (too much nicotine). I was thinking of the same build as for the Spiral, or a smiliar one with either a larger diameter or more rounds. Or going for a clapton as well:
    Single coil: ss316l clapton 26ga + 30ga @ 4 wraps / 3 diameter = 0.31 ohm
    My concern with this build is the heat flux. At rather low Watts/Volts it's already rather hot, which I just can't comprehend....

    I use these atomizers on 3 mods (Joyetech Evic VTwo mini, Smok G80, Smok AL85), so I habe 75 to 85 Watts at my disposal. As I said bevore i like my vape coolish and so far I've been using all stock coils at the lower end of the recommended range.
    I don't think that the liquid I vape does matter in anyway, but for the sake of completeness: all of it is DIY, starting with a 70 vg/30 pg base with either 0mg or 3 mg Nicotine mixed with 5-15% flavor. Once they are depleted I switch to 80/20.

    So...how do the coils look? Do they fit on the deck? Can I get away with below 80 Watts? Do I get nice big clouds without them being too hot? And is there anychance too guesstimate the flavor level? Is any of the single/dual coil builds vastly superior to the others?
    Or is everything too subjective and I should just do whatever the fuck?

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate all and any help!
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    Dec 2, 2017
    I just got the limitless plus today... i like it... its a good desighn, can be a lil messy to fill but wtv. Its got a bigger deck and wick slots than the classic, and i still think its a lil tight to work with... i dig it cus i can fill the tank with a staple fav for the day, and drip sum dif when i have the time... if your looking for a solid coffee table tank itll do you right. You can build pretty radical on it, has crazy airflow, i never really go past half open on it... if u close it up alot you could be sorta stealthy...
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  3. Carambrda

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    Feb 23, 2017
    Yes, everything is too subjective because you said you get huge ass clouds at 50 watts when the reality is that I have never actually even vaped below 80 watts... ever. But no, I don't think you should just do whatever the fuck because, instead, I think you should start to use Nichrome80 and start using it to build your own fused claptons and triple core fused claptons, and, after that, try to move on to aliens (again, all only Nichrome80 wire) from there.
  4. gbalkam

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    Jun 10, 2016
    Coils will work. Claptons give better flavor. It is the airflow, coil type and drip tip size that determine the amount of flavor. For better flavor, reduce airflow and power according to how warm you like it. Smaller drip tips = more flavor (less airflow)
    Clouds you want a straight, unclapton wire, huge airflow and lots of power. Airflow limits your power. You can get some pretty nice clouds with your tank, but not even close to something like a mutationx v4. (2 deck air holes plus 18 in the chimney) which allow you to run upwards of 150 to 200w, where as single slotted airflow like on baby beast, those wattages would burn your coil nearly instantly.
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    Jun 30, 2014
    Build it!...and they will come.

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