thought it was time for a life update... of sort

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    May 18, 2014
    For those who care anyway... without further delay.

    i have officially been zero nic for quite a while to the point my vaping has reduced almost not at all now. i am sure if stress levels go back to what they were this time 2 years ago i will have some stuff and pick it back up. i am not making the mistake of Piffing my gear this time. the juice sure i have already done that with a lot of my collection. i still remain vigilant as one of your local Spam Cleaner's :D

    what i do with my spare time and money now is D&D on roll20 and soon a podcast on twitch with a few others hosted here more info when that goes live after the new year. We're calling it Crit Chat then i will at some point be starting my own Behind the Screen GM-ing series using my Twitch or Existing Youtube channel.

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