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    If this is the wrong thread, please let me know. Also, I don't work for Juul or get anything out of posting this. I'm just really hopeful and excited. Plus, I'm a babbler at times. Through doing research on forums, I know of several people who've been able to get off the analogs with this device that tried others. If this helps someone else, that's my reward. :) I know the hell and disappointment I've been going through for years.

    So I was in my fave local vape shop for coils, chatting with the sales rep about how I cannot find a device or juice to truly take away the analog cravings, the expense, etc. He confessed he was into cloud chasing, having the latest and greatest devices, etc., and now keeps it simple and pulled out a Juul. He let me try it and it felt very much like a cigarette. I smoke(d with any luck) Marlboro Smooth, which is a minty menthol. I was really impressed with the Juul's flavor, size, convenience. They're pricey, but if the flavor chambers truly last as long as a pack of cigs, then I'm saving 50% right there. If I decide to sign up for the autoship, I'll get 15% off, so there's that too. He said that all the guys at the shop that used to smoke use a Juul.

    I have some great flavors, but I can vape away and STILL am craving a darned disgusting cigarette. I figured I can use the Juul for my nic needs and my other devices for my fun. I have definitely decreased my analog cigs, but haven't been able to completely let them go.

    I tried all the Juul flavors that come with the starter kit (which you can get a 25% savings code, making the kit about 35 bucks with two-day shipping) and the tobacco is okay and I'm sure non-menthol smokers would like it, creme brule and fruity I don't really care for, and the menthol is right on target.

    It does have a pretty high nic level and delivery, which might be the key for me. While I know this is way early in the game, I haven't had an analog since before the mailman came over four hours ago. I feel nic'd up just fine, but I also feel a bit off balance, most likely my bod is withdrawing from some other crap that's in cigarettes.

    Juul is made by PAX. Anyone familiar with the PAX knows they're a quality product.
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