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    Aug 23, 2018
    I received widowmaker from Vandy vape for the purpose of this review.
    Vandy vape widowmaker colors:

    - Frosted grey
    - Ss
    - Matte black
    - Gold
    - Gun metal
    - Rainbow
    - Blue


    Specifications and features:

    - Length: 51mm
    - Diameter: 25mm
    - Capacity: 5ml / 6ml (tpd edition available)
    - Dual intake airflow design (side and bottom)
    - Dual airflow regulation
    - Dual juice regulation
    - Dual coil configuring port
    - 3 replacable air rings to match various airflow adjustment

    In the box:

    - Widowmaker rta
    - Bubble glass
    - Spare parts bag
    - Instruction manual
    - Coil lead guide
    - 510 drip tip adapter
    - Adjustable airflow cap
    - 2 x fused clapton coil


    Vandy vape widowmaker rta is a dual coil atomizer, length of this atomizer is 51mm and this atomizer is 25mm in diameter. Atomizer comes in very nice package, in the package you will receive bubble glass tank, two coils, 3 different airflow rings and you will receive coil lead tool.
    Build quality of the atomizer is very good and everything is as it should be. On the top cap you can see details, also similar details you can see on the airflow control ring on the bottom, on the each airflow ring you can see engraved "Widowmaker" and from the bottom of the atomizer you can see some standard engravings.


    Atomizer comes with 810 drip tip. This drip tip is short and it has wide bore, I really like this drip tip because of that and it is very comfortable for using. If you don't like this drip tip you can use any other 810 drip tip on this atomizer. In the package you will receive 510 drip tip adapter and if you like you can use 510 drip tip here.
    This is a top fill atomizer and we have locking system here, so basically all you need to do is a quarter turn to open the top cap. On the top cap you can see details that helps when you want to take off the top cap. When you take off the top cap you can see one fill hole and hole is big so you will have no problems with filling.


    With this atomizer you will receive two tanks, one is regular glass tank and the other one is bubble glass tank. Capacity of the atomizer with regular glass tank is 5ml and with bubble glass tank capactiy of the atomizer is 6ml which is very good. Personally I really like to use it with bubble glass tank because of capacity. On this atomizer you can close the liquid control and you can take off the base and without any problems you will be able to change the cotton or coil while you still have liquid in the tank.


    With this atomizer you will receive 3 airflow rings and each one has different airflow. So, the first ring has two airflow holes, one from each side, the second one has two airflow slots, one from each side and the last one has honeycomb airflow, it has 15 holes from each side.
    You can pretty much easy replace the airflow control rings and because of that you will be able to find what works best to you really fast.
    Under the airflow ring you can see two airflow slots and you can see that airflow from this slots will hit the coils from sides. To adjust the airflow from sides you need to spin the airflow ring and if you want you can close the side airflow. You can pretty much easy adjust the side airflow but you will need a few drops of e liquid on the o rings under the airflow ring.
    On this atomizer we also have juice flow control which is nice, later I will explain how it works.


    On the build deck you can see 4 slots for coil leads and screws here are good, I didn't have any problems. Building on this rta is very easy and you will have no problems here because in the package you will receive the coil lead tool. On the build deck you can also see two slots for cotton and also wicking on this atomizer is very easy. Under the coils you can see the honeycomb airflow which is really good. With atomizer you will receive two coils which is nice cause you can use the coils from the package if you don't have coils.
    On the base you can see the airflow control ring and on the airflow control ring you can see 7 holes from each side. You can very easy adjust the bottom airflow and what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the another side, also you can take off this ring which is nice when you want to clean your atomizer.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

    Widowmaker is very interesting atomizer because of the design in my opinion. Build quality of the atomizer is good and considering how many moving parts we have here everything works really good and threads on the atomizer are really good. Atomizer comes in nice colors which is really good. Atomizer is 25mm in diameter and 51mm in height which can be a little con to someone, personally I don't mind that this atomizer is tall because it works amazing. Top fill on this atomizer works good and you can fill the atomizer fast without any leaking which is good. Capacity is great, 5ml with regular glass and 6ml with bubble glass, really good. Jfc works really good, when atomizer is on the mod all you need to do is to hold the glass and turn it a bit and that way you will adjust jfc. The airflow on this atomizer is very good, we have 3 different airflow control rings and you can very easy change the rings. So on this atomizer we have bottom airflow and side aiflow. Adjusting airflow here is very easy and you can use this atomizer only with bottom airflow or only with side airflow if you like, but you can also use bottom and side airflow at the same time. When you are using only bottom aiirflow, airflow is very restricted which is really nice but when you open the side airflow you will be able to use this atomizer at high power which is also really nice. Building and wicking here is very easy and I belive that you will have no problems here.
    Considering the inner design of the chamber and conical shape on the bottom of the chimney, also considering very good airflow, I can say that flavor on this rta is amazing and also it is amazing if you want big clouds.
    So, widowmaker rta is very interesting designed atomizer with many moving parts that works good, you can use this atomizer as restrictive dl atomizer and you can use it as cloud chasing atomizer, it vapes great and flavor is amazing.


    - Atomizer is tall and maybe someone will not like that, I don't mind it personally


    - Build quality is good
    - Color options
    - Many moving parts that works good
    - Coils in the package
    - 510 drip tip adapter in the package
    - Bubble glass tank in the package
    - 3 airflow rings
    - Easy to change the rings
    - Coil lead tool
    - You can change coil or cotton while you have liquid in the tank
    - Top fill works good
    - Jfc works good
    - 5ml/6ml capacity
    - Bottom and side airflow
    - Under the coils is honeycomb airflow
    - Easy to build and wick
    - You can take off the airflow ring
    - Flavor is very good
    - Airflow can be very restrictive and also it can have a lot of airflow
    - You can use it at low power and at high power
    - Easy to adjsut the airflow

    Thank you Vandy vape
    You can check it here: Widowmaker rta
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