Vape 101: E-cigarettes are not the Same as Traditional Cigarettes

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    Hey Folks,

    How are things going?
    This thread we discuss Vaping VS Smoking.
    Smoking is not cool at all, vaping is cool.
    Never be late to quit smoking, never be late to start vaping.
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    Vape can be the Alternative to Smoking

    At least in New York, it is now recognized that e-cigarettes are not the same as traditional cigarettes.
    It makes no sense to treat vaping the same as smoking.
    It was because of this difference between the two that e-cigarettes were able to become so popular in the first place.
    It grabbed the attention of the thousands of smokers who were looking for a way to quit smoking.
    E-cigarettes were brought about and have been marketed as an alternative to smoking from the start.
    It was an attempt to provide people unable to quit smoking with an alternative that would actually work. So far, vaporizers have already helped thousands of people quit smoking (at least one year).
    Many of these people say they would not have been able to quit had it not been for e-cigarettes.

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