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    Nov 28, 2017
    The prestigious Vape South America Expo is announcing that they will be hosting the first EVER Vape Expo in Costa Rica (Central America)!

    We expect to have a large turn out for the convention, due to the high demand for international vapor products in Costa Rica. This is a great opportunity for eJuice/ELiquid brands, Vape mod and hardware vendors, manufacturers and distributors to do a lot of business in a new country.

    If you’d like to book booth space or sponsorships - click here to contact VSA about pricing and availability on their site OR email [email protected]

    Location: Parque Viva - Guácima, Costa Rica
    Dates: January 26th-27th 2019


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    Vape South America Expo is hosted and organized by Vape Conventions:
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