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    Dec 24, 2018
    Hi, I’ll first confess to not reading and searching the forum too hard. It’s simply I don’t know what I’m after in terms of a small delivery system for full spectrum Sativa CBD. On advice I’ve chosen Aztec full spectrum at 50/50 mix. This stuff is £39.99 for 10ml, so I definitely need a non leak tank or pod that can sit in my pocket for a couple of puffs every hour or so. I get pretty pissed at losing 6ml of regular liquid from the daft sliding top of my Freemax Mesh Pro, so this needs to stay in the tank. I like my clouds, so don’t know too much about MTL vaping.

    I had a hip bone grafted back in 2013, to strengthen it enough to provide support for a right hip replacement about a year later. I’ll keep the story as short as poss, but the damage to the joints was years as a tree surgeon, whole lotta chemo, smoker and after work drinker. Not a great combo for bone health, and the bone grafted side is now bone on bone causing pain and muscle problems from my left knee right into my neck as I’m holding my body in unnatural positions while doing general stuff like walking the dogs. Only painkillers I’m able to take are opiate based, codeine or Tramadol, and I’m not liking it over the long term, I get woozy, grumpy, lack of energy etc.

    So, from what I have gathered so far, a wattage of 15-20W and preferably a ceramic coil. In the cupboard I have an Innokin Coolfire Pebble that could provide the power, but apart from the old Nautilus Mini I could do with tank recommendations. Pebble and tank aren’t totally pocket friendly though, so I’m also looking for refillable pod systems that just slip in the pocket. I’m pretty anti SMOK, but the Nord can be equipped with a ceramic coil, so might be an option. I’m not going to be mixing the CBD liquid in with anything I vape for clouds, the stuff needs a bit of a hold in the lungs to be absorbed, so really it’s:

    Refillable pod, ceramic coil (I think), rating around 3.7V and 15-20W. Mesh might work, I’m not sure on that.

    Or. Short, no leak, 2ml or under tank for the Innokin Pebble, ceramic or mesh.

    Jeez, I thought I’d sussed my vaping with a SX-Mini G class and Mesh Pro for pleasure and a little bit of nicotine, now I’m in MTL podland for pain. :ejuice::gaah:

    Anything you guys and gals have tried, could recommend, or general advice would be much appreciated. Tonight, I’m not far short of taking some more codeine, 5mg of diazepam, and getting my end of day relief. But it’s not a good lifestyle, and shouldn’t be long term while I wait on consultations, and then the usual months for an op. I’ve no idea if CBD full spectrum is for me, but I’ve read a load on it and it seems to be a better all round option than the isolate. Or drinking a shitload of beer, wine, whiskey etc, which brings its own pain.

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