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    1.) The flavors of our e-cig liquids are grouped into four taste categories: fruit, baked goods, tobacco, and mint. Our fruit flavors are of the highest quality and are our most popular liquids. Our baked goods carry both the flavor and comforting aromas of cakes, cream, biscuits, and pastries. They refresh as well as cleanse the palate when needed. Our tobacco flavors are developed to remind and give the sensation of some of the world's finest and most popular tobaccos. And finally, our mint products will refresh and awaken, and may be blended with our other flavors to enhance and expand your flavor experiences.

    2.) We additionally offer our liquids in different concentrations of nicotine (0mg,
    3mg, 6mg and 12mg). Users whose preference is for light inhalation generally
    find that the 0mg-6mg concentrations are most satisfactory. Users who prefer
    to inhale deeply tend to choose a concentration of 6mg to 12mgs. These can
    be further adjusted with our VG glycerol for diluted use. Some customers find
    themselves to have allergic reactions to PG /propylene glycol. For our con-
    sumers who find this to be the case may we suggest the base liquid for pure VG

    3.) Please take notice that the same flavor of VAPOR and JUICE will have minor diff-
    erences in taste as the medium and delivery system are different. For a novice
    choosing the appropriate atomizer is very important. For example, the same bottle of smoke in the kf4 will feel rich, in the kf3 will feel much lighter.

    4.) Sober JUICE: This liquid is best when the bottle is opened to air from 1 to 4 weeks. Similar to decanting a fine bottle of red wine this will enhance its use and provide a refreshing fragrance.

    5.) The shelf life and storage of JUICE: The shelf life of most JUICE on the market is
    about 1 year. Direct sunlight will shorten the lifespan of the optimal quality of
    any oil, so for best results use within one year and store in a cool, dark place.

    6.) Improper atomization of e-liquids: One of the problems some our newer
    friend experience is freely pulling the atomized liquid. This may be due to conden-
    sation or the vaping liquid not being atomized sufficiently. In the first case try using a dry wipe on the mouthpiece to absorb excess moisture. For a solution to the second problem try increasing the power on the e-cig to achieve greater atomization.

    7) Atomizer leaking juice: when this leaking occurs please do not immediately assume the atomizer is defective. If it is an atomizer with a non rebuildable coil, you need to take the coil out and wipe off the juice, then heat it for a while until the juice burns out of the coil. After doing this, reinstall the coil and be careful not to drip juice on the inside of the atomizer as this may cause the juice to leak again. If it is a DIY atomizer then you will need to check the quantity of cotton to make sure it is enough. If the juice supply hole is not blocked off, then check the rubber ring, the threads and etc.

    8)Choosing your atomizer: for new users I would suggest a rebuildable atomizer. It is important for an inexperienced users that suits you best, such as KF5, KF3, Big Snake Mini, reaper plus, etc. These have good taste and are easier to use., and work well with DIY. You might also try RDA, Plume Veil 2.5, Tugboat V2, Kennedy, Hobo 4.0, AV, etc.

    9)Cleaning your atomizer: The atomizer should be soaked in hot water when you first get it. It can also be sterilized with boiling water if you wish. Remember to take out rubber ring before you do either.Whenever you change the e-juice in the tank, it should be flushed out thoroughly with water then dried..

    10 )Burnt tasting e-juice: The main reason this happens is that you are not using enough e-juice for the amount of cotton you are using. This results in burning cotton after the e-juice has been used up. Reducing the quantity of cotton is the simplest solution. Also, put the cotton in loosely, not compactly. This will give a more consistent burn.

    11) Are E-cigs harmful?: The evidence is contradictory, and there are claims and denials from both sides of the debate. Nicotine, however, has conclusively been proven to be harmful. The difference with e-cigs is that the quantity of it can be controlled. I, myself, use 0mg or 3 mg concentration.

    12) Battery options: There are so many available on the market you could fall asleep reading about all of them. So let us point out some that have become our favorites due to availability and reliability. Four of our current (ha, ha) fave choices are the LG 3000 mA, the C5 2500mA, the Aspire 1800 mA, and the Aspire 2500mA. We hope this is useful.

    13) Playing big cloudy, but sometimes it burns my mouth.: This burning sensation is common if you are using a metal dropper with high power. Changing the dropper is the simplest solution here.

    14) Atomizer skip resistance: Make sure the screw of the fixed coil architrave is tight, and keep the architrave long so that it can affect the other
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    We do not use oil but e-liquid or e-juice, and NO smoke only VAPOR! Your wording has been edited.
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    Great point choosing the atomizer is really so much important as choosing the liquid.
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    learnt a lot:inlove:
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    Learning a lot, thanks both of you.

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