Vaping 101: Easy Guideline on Cheerios Vape Trick 2018

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    Hi Vapers,

    This thread we are going to introduce fun vaping trick, named Cheerios Vape Trick.
    As we know, Vaping has drastically improved our health!
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    Keep on vaping, JUST ONE KISS & ENJOY A GREAT VAPE.



    Easy Guideline on Cheerios Vape Trick
    This trick is quite common, but requires a bit of practice. Once you get the hang of it, prepare for friends and strangers alike to ask for a tutorial.
    Cheerios are just like traditional single O’s, except they’re much, much tinier!
    Make your lips into an “O” shape and stick your lips out. Then push a small amount of vapor out your mouth using your throat. This should feel similar to a short sigh or a mini-cough.
    Take a long pull of vapor. Set your mouth into a tight O shape, then release the vapor from your mouth while repeatedly tapping gently on the side of your cheek.

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