Vaping is cool? Cool is good for vaping?

Discussion in 'Vaping Health Related' started by Dementedarego, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Aug 5, 2018
    Besides the obvious health benefits of vaping when compared with tobacco, I think that one reason that motivates people to vaping it´s the cool factor. Vaping has become more than a simple method to reduce or quit smoking and achieved a fashion dimension. We see people vaping in rap MTV music videos, celebrities vaping, and when I observe many of the guys making vaping products reviews in youtube, they seem cool dudes to me (guys like the vaping Bogan, Zophie Vapes, VapingwithTwisted419, Jai Haze, GrimmGreen, for example). Vaping products also seem to be designed to be fashionable, with exquisite designs, led lights, multiple colors, frequent launch of new products, etc.

    However, I think that this coolness and fashion factors can be detrimental to the image of vaping as serious therapeutic system to end smoking. Its seems to me that there is kind of an underground and alternative culture associated to vaping, and this can actually heart the image of vaping as a serious therapy to combat smoking. We all know how the medical profession tends to be conservative and political decision makers are not the coolest guys.

    How would you characterize the “culture” associated to vaping? And do you consider that this culture can actually harm the image of vaping as a serious product?
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    Feb 25, 2018
    Some of this can be expected with anything when thought of in terms of culture. You will have the initial movement that then goes through the "glitter phase" (where I see vaping now), then matures into something else before finally plateauing and ultimately declining.

    You can look at it very much like Nike which is still in its "glitter phase" (although still reaching in ridiculousness).


    Most things start as practical products meant to serve a purpose, then became fashionable, get loud and ridiculous (drawing in the attention seekers and those who want to be part of the fashionable moment) which is unsustainable, products then mature to survive and then evolve again into a functional product where it operates in multiple spaces until it begins its decline in participation.

    I would like to think of vaping as cooler than the people you referenced seeing as to how almost all of them are intolerable on a very high level (some like Jai more so than others, IMO) but it does seem the "culture" at the moment seems to be drowning in hipsters which I hope phases out as the "glitter phase" crests and the vape world moves back into more practical purpose. Hipsters are bad for anything they touch or get involved in (true story).

    All of the stuff that is being seen as "fashionable" now with the blinking lights and such will all go the way of the buffalo when the novelty wears off and more people push for quality and function over fashion. This all assuming vaping manages to survive regulations and being 86'ed by big tobacco/pharma.

    You can see some brands posturing themselves for success being on the backside of that peak. Brands like 2JNT, Purge, Broadside, etc... These companies are making very high quality kit with just enough flair to make them attractive without sacrificing quality/ function and in the cosmic scheme of things they also have an enduring kind of fashion (like Levi's), timeless if you will.

    The culture will be very much like the product. The neckbeards and hipsters will find some other thing to distract them and everyone else will continue vaping. Assuming no vapeocalypse everything will even out and "Vape Culture" will just be a bunch of regular people vaping. There will be those who always think its cool and continue looking for the latest/greatest and then those who just use it.
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    Mar 31, 2016
    If you are referring to the vape culture that presents itself with ridiculous facial hair and gear that rivals a fog machine, extremely uncool

    It reflects poorly on all vapers - many of us which are just regular people who use vaping to quit smoking cigarettes rather than as a means to appear stylish

    For example, I tried to help a relative of mine who smokes switch to vaping. They were resistant at first because they did not feel they would fit in with "vape culture"

    It is difficult to persuade smokers to make a switch if they feel they will be ostracized worse than they already are as smokers

    Some vapers, such as a few I've encountered in vape shops, really perpetuate a negative vape culture and are not inclusive for all vapers

    It's why I like this vape forum - I can exchange information with like minded people from all walks of life and hopefully pass along the knowledge that was generously shared with me along the way.

    I've met all kinds of wonderful people who I might not have anything else in common with except vaping
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    Jun 27, 2014
    I'm a 57 yr old woman who looks older, with a 30 yr old son, and asthma; there ain't much cool about me. :D And the way I vape is decidedly not cool -- 86% PG, 9.5 watts, 2 ohm coils in a "gnat's-ass" tight draw RDA. No, it doesn't make much "cloud," but fogging up the room isn't why I vape. I vape for ONE reason: because I smoked for 39 yrs, the last 30 of which AFTER I was diagnosed with adult-onset asthma, and I really would like to NEVER smoke again. Vaping is the ONLY thing that has ever been able to separate me from smoking, since I was 13 yrs old. I may vape for the rest of my life... which will probably be a lot longer since I don't smoke anymore. :) But I don't vape all that much anymore -- frankly, I vape more when I'm here at the forum than probably any other time, just because I think of it -- much of the time, I really don't. But when that fucking idiot in my brains pipes up with "a cigarette would be really good," I vape like a MANIAC, because it shuts that idiot up like nothing else EVER has.

    I quit worrying about what was "cool" about 40 yrs ago.

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    Jun 30, 2014
    I would give a rough estimate of 95% of vapers couldn't care less about cool....and they care even less about the other 5% of vapers.....alot of us were vaping when it was not cool, when it was wierd and ridiculous,but it didn't stop us......................
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    May 31, 2015
    I could seriously give less of a shit than what people think of me or what I long as Im happy and it works for me.
    This is a real problem nowadays with people, they actually care what others think and they like the collective mind of a group, this is dangerous on so many levels...
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