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    I received vaporesso swag 2 from sourcemore for the purpose of this review.

    Vaporesso swag 2 colors:

    - Silver
    - Black
    - Red
    - Blue



    - Display: 0.91"OLED Screen
    - Tank Compatibility: Max 25mm
    - Dimensions: 75mm x 25mm x 50mm
    - Resistance: 0.03-5.0O
    - Charge Current: DC5V/2A
    - Output Power: 5-80W
    - Battery: 1*18650 (not included)
    - Chipset: AXON Chip

    In box:

    - USB Cable
    - User Manual
    - Warranty Card


    Vaporesso swag 2 is available in 4 different colors. Design of this mod is similar as previous version, I really like design of the mod and I really like changes here because mod is more comfortable and looks elegant. Mod is mainly made from plastic and because of that it is lightweight. Mod is very comfortable for using, it is rubberized and it feels really nice in the hand. Swag 2 is powered by one 18650 battery, it works from 5-80w and it supports few working modes. On one side of the mod you can see "Vaporesso swag II" and from the other side you can see logo.


    From the top side of the mod you can see the connection, threads here are pretty much okay and I didn't have any problems with my atomizers, pin is gold plated and spring loaded. On this device you can use atomizers up to 25mm diameter which is more than okay in my opinion. So, from the top side of the mod we also have the battery cap. On the battery cap we have nice details that helps when you want to uncrew the cap and threads here are good. When you take off the battery cap you can see battery orientation engraved inside and you can easily put the battery in the mod, as I said this mod is powered by one 18650 battery.

    On one side of the mod you can see usb port. Usb port you can use to upgrade software and you can use it to charge your battery here, but as always I suggest you to charge your battery in external charger.
    From the other side of the mod you can see plus and minus buttons that protrudes and both works really good.

    On the front side of the mod you can see the fire button, screen and menu button.
    The fire button is protruding and it is clicky, it works without any problems so far.
    The screen on this device is big, size of the screen is 0.91inch and I can say that you can see everything really nice on the screen beacause brightness of the screen is good and screen is big.


    To turn on the device you need to click 5 times on the fire button, you need to do the same to turn it off. When you turn on the device in power mode on the screen you will see:

    - Battery indicator in percentage
    - Coil resistance
    - Puff counter
    - W
    - Working mode


    To enter the menu you need to hold the menu button or to click menu button 3 times, in the menu you can see:

    - Pulse mode
    - Power eco
    - Smart tc
    - Diy mode
    - System set

    If you select diy mode you can see:

    - Ww
    - Vt
    - Vv
    - Ccv
    - Bp
    - Sp

    When you select system set you can see:

    - Puff counter
    - Brightness
    - Flip screen
    - Smart vw
    - Auto eco
    - Default
    - Version

    When you hold the fire button and menu button you can see informations about software and firmware. When you click 3 times on the fire button you will lock plus and minus buttons and you need to do the same to unlock buttons, while plus and minus are locked you can use the fire button and vape.

    How this device works and my thoughts:

    Swag 2 is small and lightweight mod. It is made mostly from plastic and build quality of the mod is pretty much good. Mod is rubberized and because of that it feels really nice in the hand and because of design it is very comfortable for using. They also say that this mod is scratch resistant which is great. The fire button is really comfortable, it is clicky and it works good. Menu button and plus and minus bottons also works good. On this device battey cap is on the top and because of that we can use atomizers up to 25mm in diameter here which is good in my opinion. Connection is a little bit raised which is good because you will not scratch the top of the mod with atomizers. Screen on this device is big and brightness of the screen is good and because of that you can see everything really nice on the screen. On this device we can adjust brightness of the screen which is good option in my opinion. Also I really like that battery indicator is in percentage. Mod supports 2A charging which you may like but I suggest you to charge battery in external charger. Mod is powered by one 18650 battery and it works up to 80w, I would like that this mod is compatible with 21700 batteries and this is only con in my opinion. Mod works really good and I like to use my mtl atomizers here, so far mod works completely fine. I use here my favorite working modes, vw and vv, and you have here more working modes that you can find interesting.
    So, vaporesso swag 2 is in my opinion very solid small device that is comfortable for using, it is lightweight and everything works as it should. If you like design of this mod you can buy it for sure.


    - Mod is not compatible with 21700/20700 batteries


    - Nice design
    - Mod is lightweight
    - Comfortable for using
    - Build quality is good, threads on the battery cap are good
    - You will not scratch the mod from the top with atomizers
    - You can use atomizers up to 25mm in diameter
    - Fire button is good
    - You can adjust brightness of the screen
    - Vv working mode
    - Battery indicator in percentage
    - Working modes
    - Scratch resistant
    - Mod works really good


    Thanks sourcemore

    You can buy swag 2 here: Swag 2
    You can buy kit here: Swag 2 kit
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    The best compact mod from Vaporesso:tunez:
    Good review.

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