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    May 1, 2014

    We created this "exclusive" area in the Underground is because we wanted to create an area where we could connect great customers who are interested and serious in supporting great business in our community with the great businesses who are leaders in the industry and who appreciate great customers!

    We would encourage you, as one of those great vendors, to utilize this area to offer exclusive (and premium) deals for our "donator club" members. Our donator club members understand that part of the responsibility of being in this group is to protect (and thereby get to enjoy) the exclusive codes, deals, promotions, etc, that may be offered here. We ask that our members NOT share these special promotions outside of this group because we would love for this area to bring exclusive and premium deals that can't be found anywhere else!

    By doing this, we are able to create an environment where the members get something special (and extra) and the vendors have the opportunity to focus in on a group of members who enjoy supporting our businesses.

    Feel free to put exclusive coupon codes in here.

    Feel free to put exclusive offerings in here.

    Feel free to do special "give aways", etc.

    Feel free to do whatever you feel would benefit our special, exclusive members and thereby benefit your great company!

    $25.00 / a year - You will get a donator badge, custom avatar title, and access to an exclusive area of the forum.
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