Venomverse #2 Review

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    May 23, 2014
    Venomverse is the sort of story that would probably go down much easier if it were merely an arc in the monthly Venom comic and not an entire crossover event unto itself. There's something to be said for the goofiness of the premise and way it gives so many iconic Marvel heroes a symbiote-flavored makeover. But its appeal is very shallow, and after two issues Venomverse still has done little to establish itself as something more than a pale imitation of 2014's Spider-Verse.

    The lackluster plot remains the biggest sticking point in Venomverse #2. The series has little sense of urgency despite the post-apocalyptic setting and the losing battle Venom and his colleagues are currently waging. The more the series reveals about the "Poisons," the more these body-snatching villains feel like another riff on the Marvel Zombies. The end result is largely the same, just retooled to fit Venom's world in particular. The reveal of the secret mastermind behind the Poisons helps spice up the conflict slightly, but it's still just another example of throwing a familiar face into the mix. There's still no real sense of significance to the story.

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