Wellon Ripple Pod Vape Kit Featuring Skin Sensing Technology

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    Jul 31, 2017
    Hi Vapors,
    Do you know Skin Sensing Technology?
    Today we are going to introduce a Pod Vape gear featuring Skin Sensing Technology.
    This pod vape named Wellon Ripple Kit.
    Here are some pictures.



    Wellon ripple pod vape is an easy to use Pod system device featuring advanced skin sensing technology.
    Some features of Wellon Ripple Kit:
    Atomizer capacity: 2.0ml
    Whole body size: 80X30.5X16.5MM
    Whole body net weight: 48g
    Atomize size: 12X51.3MM
    Atomizer net weight: 13g
    Atomizer Diameter: 12MM
    Atomizer Length: 51.3MM
    Battery capacity: 650mah
    Charging Time: 1 H
    Just one kiss & enjoy a great vape.

    Lear more Wellon Ripple Kit at WellonTech.com

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