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Should I keep on doing reviews?

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  1. DuckysVapeReviews

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    Jun 29, 2015
    For those of you who don't know who I am I do a review blog as well as do reviews on this site and a few others. I've been vaping about 5 years I'm back in April one too many big wigs at these brick and mortar shops gave me bad advice so I decided I'd start doing a review blog. As you may expect things started out slow I was working with one online vendor which I had a falling out with over giving a bad review on a really bad product. Since then a few different manufacturers and vendors have sent me several different products to test & review for everyone. Also have one Chinese manufacturer and vendor to send me stuff now regularly to be reviewed. I have had some other reviewers in the community tell me I'm doing extremely well and I'm moving up very quickly considering I haven't been out there very long and since my reviews are almost all text based and only 1 to 2 video reviews I am ahead in the game further than most at this level. I am just now getting to the reviews for the simple fact that I'm extreme introvert and even getting on camera is extremely scary but honestly it's the only way I see accept my game up to the next level. Another reason is I have a condition called reflux reflex dysentery this is where my hands and nervous system prevent me from having full control over my muscle movement. Until now I've been extremely happy at the rate that I'm growing and the rate that my follower count has been growing. Especially considering most of the products I have reviewed I have come out of pocket myself to review them for people. As I said, I was happy with all this that was until here recently.

    Against advice of a lot of people in Review community I have talk to regularly whether it's about reviews about things going on in the review community or vaping community in general, whatever it may be, I have stepped away from what I know, expanded into videos and started watching video reviews & online vape shows and to be honest its kinda taken the wind out of my sails. I know 99 percent if not all these people I have been watching have been doing this a whole lot longer than I have so they have a lot better hang of it and understanding, but as I watch them and see them call out people that I've looked up to and who have inspired me to do reviews and not be afraid to do it, and see most of them are fake and in it for the money, it killed me. Then when I see how sucessful these I recently been watching are and how natural ot is for them, I just don't see me making it to the level that I want and need to be on. I see some of these guys and they get 20 to 30 mods to review every month not to mention tons of juice to review and I look at me and all I see is the fact that since I started doing reviews I've received maybe 10 liquids to review without buying them myself and as for hardware is concerned I haven't received anything for reviewing that I didn't come out of pocket for myself other than this rebuilders kit which I just received to review and also receive the second one to do with as I wish. Don't get me wrong yes I was contacted by EHPro the potential reviewer for their products manufacturer but I got a feeling I really bombed that. After all they want somebody using natural on cam got a well-established YouTube channel and me I'm just now starting out and pretty sure if you see my video reviews I'm very very nervous. I'm just at the point where I'm thinking what's the use what's the point in keeping this up. So that's why I posted this here I'm going to leave it up to you all what they all think I should move on and keep reviewing keep fighting the fight & keep struggling until I get to where I need and want to be OR throw in the towel and just say well I thought my best my best wasn't good enough this time. I couldn't find the area really that this would belong in so that's why I posted it here. Hopefully a mod will find it and put it in the right place. I know this kind of seems cheesy and stupid but I'm posting a poll get your opinion on whether or not I should keep on doing reviews. The way I see it, if you the people are not interested in my reviews then there's no need for me to keep on doing them.
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