What is e-juice?

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    eJuice are the key part of your alternative to smoking. The selection of flavours available in eLiquids is as wide as your imagination, I have seen the things you would expect such as tobacco and fruit flavours and some slightly more unusual things such as roast beef, chicken tikka and herbs de province (only to be tried if you have a strong constitution and no requirements for taste buds)! As such its worth keeping an open mind about what flavour you will really like.

    Whats in my vaping ejuice? Beginners Guide to eJuice

    Vaping eLiquids mainly have four basic ingredients

    • Nicotine, the stuff that will stop you climbing up the walls or trying to kill, maim or injure anyone around you.
    • Propylene Glycol or PG which is normally used as a base to carry the flavourings and to give a “roughness” or “throat hit” to the vapour.
    • Vegetable glycerin or VG to smooth out the flavour and texture of your vapour, this is also the main component that creates the “cloud” that you actually see.
    • And finally the flavourings that actually give taste to your eLiquids.

    One of the most important ingredients (if not the most important part) is the nicotine, you know that stuff that should stop you ending up in court on assault charges!

    There are five main strengths of nicotine







    When you buy vaping eliquids you will often be asked to choose your PG/VG ratio. A 50/50 ratio means that the liquid will be half vegetable glycerin (VG) and half with propylene glycol (PG). The PG is used for flavour more PG the brighter the flavours but with that comes a second part, throat hit. Throat hit is how “rough” the vapour is in your throat

    Hopefully you now have an idea of what type of eLiquid you are looking for, click here to check out few ejuice range.
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    great post for newbies to pay attention to
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