What wattage to use with TVF8 M2?!

Discussion in 'Factory replacement heads and coils' started by uranium23, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Aug 11, 2017
    Hey guys, as a new vaper I'm super confused with all those terms and coils. I bought recently my first vap SMOK G150 kit with the pre-installed Q2 0.40ohm coil and some 50/50 liquid and one flavor with 6mg/ml of nicotine. And I use VW mode with 60W and it was not bad at all. Yesterday I decided to change the coil as it began to taste burned. So I installed the M2 0.15ohm coil and there's no suggestion wattage on the coil as normally printed on the coil. So I began to search on internet and I cannot really find some suggestion about the wattage to use with it. I tried 60W but the taste is awful and I tried 80W but still not that good compared to Q2. And it seems the burning taste is still there... I saw in some post that one cannot pass 3.7v and I don't really understand why and with 80W now I'm at 3.5v. Could someone explain to me the importance of 3.7v and maybe someone using G150 could tell me which wattage you guys use for M2 coil? thank you very much!!!

    PS: I read also that 50/50 liquid is not really for M2 or Q2 coil so I ordered some 20/80 and new Q2 coils... Hope the Q2 could last as long as with 50/50...

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