Women's seude/leather boots (booties) from Naughty Monkey-20% off

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    Mar 14, 2016
    I adore these booties. I first saw them at dsw.com. They only came in size 10 and 71% of reviews say they run quite small and to size up. Well, I cried because they're so gorgeous and didn't have an 11 or 11 1/2 so I could wear regular socks with them. I ordered them anyway, just because they were so awesome and I had to see them in person. My sister is a size 9 and she was coming over to help me with the number for my Fed taxes. I got them for a steal at DSW...$34 and change during their boot sale. I gave them to her as a thank you. She could only wear very thin socks or nylon peds. She loves them though.

    I called Naughty Monkey this morning. I spoke to Stephanie in customer service. She put me on hold to see if the larger size was available. Nope. They are 2016 shoes and they are no longer made over size 10. She did however, offer a PROMO CODE: CUSTOMERSERVICE20 for 20% off. Their customer service number is right on the first page of Naughty Monkey's website.

    DSW and Amazon have them in all different sizes as well as Naughty Monkey.

    Man, I love these boots. Canyon Dream in Tan. They go with everything!

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