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    Profile unity rta colors:

    - Gold
    - Rainbow
    - Blue
    - Gunmetal
    - Ss
    - Black



    - Diameter: 25mm
    - Overall Height: 48.5mm
    - Threading: 510 thread
    - E-liquid Capacity: 3.5ml (5ml tube included)
    - Filling Method: Top filling
    - Coil Type: Mesh coil
    - Airflow Type: Adjustable side airflow
    - Insulator Material: German PEEK


    - Material: Kanthal A1
    - Size: 16*6.8mm (compatible with Profile RDA)
    - Resistance: 0.13ohm
    - Recommended Wattage: 60-70W


    - 100% Organic
    - Diameter: 6mm (compatible with Profile RDA)

    In the box:

    - Profile Unity RTA
    - 5ml Glass Tube
    - 5ml Tube Adapter
    - User Manual
    - Bending Tool
    - Screw Driver
    - nexMesh Coil (0.13 ohm)*2
    - 6mm Agleted Cotton*1
    - Extra Orings & Screws, Springs


    Wotofo profile unity rta comes in 6 different colors. This atomizer is 25mm in dimeter and it is 48.5mm in height. Profile unity is mesh coil rta. Design of this atomizer is really nice in my opinion, I really like how it looks. On the top cap and on the base you can see some details, on the airflow control ring you can see engraved "Profile unity" and from the bottom you can see some standard informations. Build quality of this atomizer is very good, everything is as it should. Atomizer comes in really nice package, in the package you will get small and big tank, you will get tool for mesh coils, you will get spares and also in the package you will receive two mesh coils and cotton which is really good.


    Atomizer comes with 810 drip tip preinstalled. Drip tip is very comfortable for using and I really like to use this drip tip here. If you don't like this drip tip you can use here any other 810 drip tip without problems.
    This is a top fill atomizer and it has really good top fill system. On the top cap you can see some details that helps when you want to take off the top cap and you only need half a turn to take if off which is great. When you take it off you can see two fill slots. With gorilla bottles there is no any problems when you want to fill the tank and because of this great top fill system you can fill the tank really fast.


    Unity rta comes with small tank preinstalled and in the package you will get adapter for big tank and big tank. If you use this atomizer with small tank capacity is 3.5ml which is okay capacity. If you use this atomizer with big tank capacity is 5ml which is great in my opinion and I really like to use this atomizer with big tank. On this atomizer you can take off only the base and you can change your coil or cotton which is very good, especially here.

    Under the tank you can see the airflow control ring. On the airflow control ring we have two airflow slots and you can easily adjust the airflow here. Inside we have airflow holes and on each side you can see 5 airflow holes and what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the other side, also we have a stopper here which is good.


    On the base you can see two screws and clamps that holds the coil in the place. In the middle you can see spring loaded part and this part is here to push the cotton up which is very good and important for this atomizer, and also on the base you can see two wicking slots. In the package you will receive two same mesh coils. This is nexmesh coil and resistance of the coil is 0.13ohm, recommended power for the coil is 60-70w. In the package you will receive also two pieces of cotton so you have everything that you need to use this atomizer when you buy it which is great. You can pretty much easy place the coil on the base. Wicking here is a bit complicated because this is a mesh coil rta. In the package you will receive use manual and there you can see how to wick it properly. You need to place the cotton as I did on the picture and you need to fluff the cotton really nice and you will not have any problems with wicking or leaking.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

    So, you can buy this atomizer in 6 different colros which is good in my opinion. It comes in really nice package and you will receive everything that you need to use this atomizer when you buy it which is really good. Build quality of the atomizer is good, there is nothing that I can complain about, paint quality so far looks good as well. Drip tip is comfortable in my opinion and if you want you can use here any other 810 drip tip without problems. Top fill system is really good in my opinion and if you ask me this is the best top fill system because you can take off the top cap very simple and you can fill the atomizer fast. You can use this atomizer with 3.5ml tank or you an use it with 5ml tank which is good and I really like to use atomizer with 5ml tank.
    Placing the mesh coil here is simple because you will get the tool to bend the mesh but you will need some time when you are placing the cotton and if you wick it properly it will work really good. So on this atomizer it is the most important to wick it good. Atomizer works really good, vapor production is good and flavor is very good in my opinion. Airflow is smooth and when airflow is fully opened you will have slightly restrictive draw, personally I like when airflow is fully opened. Basically I really like how this atomizer works and I can suggest you this one if you like mesh coils.


    - Learning curve on wicking


    - Good build quality
    - Color options
    - Comfortable drip tip
    - Easy to fill
    - Big and small tank
    - Very good capacity with big tank
    - Good screws and easy to place the mesh coil
    - Tool, cotton and coils in the package
    - Very good flavor
    - Dense vapor
    - Good and smooth airflow
    - Easy to adjust the airflow
    - It works really good if you wick it properly

    Thanks sourcemore
    You can buy it here: profile unity rta

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