Zephrus V2 sub ohm tank

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    Jan 31, 2018
    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I was blessed with a new zephyrus V2 in the Box. It came with two drop in coils which are fairly unusual looking to me. It did not come with the rebuildable deck as some of them did. I watched some YouTube reviews and read some as well. And the reviewers have said some fairly decent things about this particular tank. Does anybody know anything about it? Are there coils that are compatible with this? As these appear to be a vertical coil and not horizontal as most drop-ins that I have used are? Is it a good tank? My retails brick-and-mortar store originally sold it for like 75 bucks I got it in a discount bin for $15. Have heard some good and some bad. Any info would be appreciated before I bust it out of the box and actually try it.

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