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Usage for hash tag: FreeFortnite

  1. VUBot

    Apple and Epic Games Legal Battle Begins Today this, and so the company removed Fortnite from the App Store. In response, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple. It also began the #FreeFortnite hastag, along with an in-game event that featured a parody of the Apple 1984 commercial. Many saw these tactics as Epic weaponising its fans to...
  2. VUBot

    Fortnite vs. Apple: Parody Ad Disappoints Original Director, Ridley Scott

    ...removed Fortnite from iOS devices. After this, Epic announced a lawsuit against Apple over anticompetitive practices and started its #FreeFortnite social media campaign. As part of this campaign, Epic released its version of Scott’s “1984” commercial, only this time Apple is the oppressive...
  3. VUBot

    Fortnite vs. Apple: Epic Turns Its Legal Dispute Into an In-Game Event

    Epic Games has turned its feud with Apple into an in-game Fortnite event, the #FreeFortnite Cup. Epic Games released a blog post detailing an in-game tournament meant to "celebrate the quest for one more Victory Royale with friends across all platforms." What it really is though, beyond a final...
  4. VUBot

    Fortnite's The Last Laugh Bundle Includes The Joker and Poison Ivy Outfits

    ...removed from their respective app stores. Epic went directly after Apple with a parody of its 1984 commercial, saying that it's time to #FreeFortnite. While some view this as a positive move, one of our writer's wrote an opinion piece on how Epic is weaponizing Fortnite fans against Apple and...

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