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alien coils

  1. WotofoOfficial

    Wotofo Ni80 Alien Prebuilt Coils

    Wotofo Ni80 Alien Prebuilt Coils are finely crafted coils twisted with machine-like precision for those that are looking to save time in rebuilding, available in a myriad of advanced configurations for immediate sophisticated RDA set-up. Two options is stocked now: 3*26+36 3*28+36 Wotofo...
  2. zephyr

    Zephyr's Coils

    :confetti::confetti::confetti: Taking Orders! Aliens - $12 Fraliens -$12 Framed Staples - $10 Fused Claptons - $5 Art Coils - $20 - $25 Discounts for large quantity orders Shipping is $3 per order! :bliss: I'm back at making functional artisan coils. Prices are decent - you all know...

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