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  1. Ms. Trixy

    Arizona - Vape Expos / Conventions - 2017

    Well, we missed quite a few over the years. Why didn't we think of looking for these sooner? :confused: There was one in Mesa last year: There are a few coming up: None that I can see. 15 Best Vape Shops in Phoenix 2017...
  2. Ms. Trixy

    Wake up Arizona!

    No matter where we live; Tucson or Flagstaff, let's get together. Let's make something happen. If you didn't hear, we are in pending doom of having a 95% sales tax imposed on vape products. Here is the update I received from CASAA today: A 95% wholesale tax (AB 1517) on vapor products has...
  3. Ms. Trixy

    Arizona finally gets hit with a 95% tax

    I received this email from CASAA this morning (You can bet your ass I'll be doing something): AZ - Opposes a 95% tax on vaping! A 95% wholesale tax (AB 1517) on vapor products has been introduced in the Arizona senate. Such an outrageous tax rate is bad for both businesses and consumers. Not...
  4. Ms. Trixy

    Arizona Implodes! Heat map and the weather man. LOL!

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