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azeroth rdta 24mm

  1. Everzon

    CoilArt Azeroth RDTA - 24mm

    CoilArt Azeroth RDTA - 24mm After MAGE RTA, CoilArt presents the AZEROTH RDTA, which is going to be a heavy hitter in the vaping market, just like MAGE RTA. The AZEROTH comes with a 24k gold plated Goon styled RDA deck and posts in a genesis RDTA form. To order it, check it out: CoilArt Azeroth...
  2. vapingbest

    CoilArt Azeroth RDTA 24mm Incoming

    The CoilArt has the released the MAGE RTA a few days ago, and the mage has the raged the E-cigarette circles on the market, now the CoilArt has the launched the new product----- CoilArt Azeroth RDTA , which features the four large wicking ports, 4ml juice capacity, PEEK insulator and gold plated...

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