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best box mod

  1. CoilART.vape

    Which is a Better Vape Box Mod: Regulated Box Mod or Mech Mod?

    Have you ever wondered how some people get those glorious huge plumes of vapor? Or how you can enhance the flavor of your favorite e-liquid? The answer is a vape mod box. Box mods are the next step for most vaping enthusiasts as they become more experienced and their tastes more refined. They...
  2. CoilART.vape

    What to Consider When Choosing a SubOhm Box Mod

    In recent years, the SubOhm vaping trend has steadily grown and taken over the vaping market. But what is SubOhm, and why is it so popular? Overview of SubOhm Vaping SubOhm vaping is when the coil has a resistance that is lower than one “ohm,” which is a unit of electrical resistance. When...
  3. CoilART.vape

    Regulated & Unregulated Wood Box Mods

    How to Build Your Own Unregulated Wood Box Mod With a bit of woodworking skills, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece. Step 1: Wood When it comes to wood, you should invest in high-quality hardwood. Depending on the wood you choose, it can be quite expensive. Some examples of suitable wood are...
  4. CoilART.vape

    How Does a Box Mod Work?

    If you are new to vaping, you will quickly realize that there are several different types of devices available. One of the most popular is a box mod. These vaping devices are shaped like a box instead of the traditional pen style, also called vape box mod kit. This gives these vaping devices...

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