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  1. Countrypami


    Stand Up to Flavor Bans! Rally at the Ohio Statehouse! Tuesday, October 1, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM West Plaza 1 Capitol Square Columbus, OH While Governor Mike DeWine is looking into what legal authority he has to ban vapor products by executive action, two bills have been introduced by...
  2. Irked Particle

    My letter to Ohio Senator about possible vape ban or other restrictions

    I just sent this letter to one of my senators in Ohio, Sherrod Brown. I also posted it to FB. If you find any if this useful, please feel free to utilize some of it for your own letters to lawmakers in your state, or federal officials. --- For years, nothing I tried helped me to quit. Not the...
  3. Countrypami

    National Call to Action - Light up the White House Switchboard

    Yesterday, Donald Trump, along with HHS secretary Alex Azaar, announced that the administration would be banning all flavored vapor products from the market. (See the press release HERE) The move is in response to early findings from the National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) that show the...
  4. T

    Charity Live Show: Vaping for CASAA TONIGHT

    We're vaping for charity on our Live Show TONIGHT. We will vape the nastiest eJuice flavors imaginable--for your viewing pleasure--for every $10 donated to CASAA. We're also hosting a giveaway. Don’t forget to tune in at 6:00 p.m. PST TONIGHT!
  5. Ms. Trixy

    Video: Pjs. Ready for bed. BUT...

  6. Bill

    August 8th dot org

    Modernize the Predicate Date for Vapor Products! Budget negotiations are happening right now and we only have a short time to make an impression. This is the time to reach out to Congress and urge them to support us. By March 22nd, Congress will need to come up with a plan to fund a massive...
  7. Ms. Trixy

    A HUGE win for Indiana!!!
  8. Ms. Trixy

    Wake up Arizona!

    No matter where we live; Tucson or Flagstaff, let's get together. Let's make something happen. If you didn't hear, we are in pending doom of having a 95% sales tax imposed on vape products. Here is the update I received from CASAA today: A 95% wholesale tax (AB 1517) on vapor products has...
  9. Ms. Trixy

    Arizona finally gets hit with a 95% tax

    I received this email from CASAA this morning (You can bet your ass I'll be doing something): AZ - Opposes a 95% tax on vaping! A 95% wholesale tax (AB 1517) on vapor products has been introduced in the Arizona senate. Such an outrageous tax rate is bad for both businesses and consumers. Not...
  10. Kimsan

    UN wants to decide flavors to restrict, ban

    The UN is breaking it down by GENDER Yes, womens' tastebuds are to blame for vaping as a trend, which ultimately is leading to smoking Cigarettes. Thus the panel of " UN & WHO" says with conviction! - the womenz liking those "flavors" are creating more and more addicts of " cigarette tobacco"...
  11. Countrypami

    The United States Vapers’ Survey (CASAA approved)

    ** ATTENTION VAPERS ** Here's your chance to make your vaping experiences count! Please take a minute to complete The United States Vapers’ Survey (CASAA approved) Feel free to share this link on your social media, with...
  12. C

    Brick and Mortar Saturday

    It's pretty apparent that the upcoming battle with legislation over vaping is going to be huge. At the same time, there are lots of people who are very uneducated in vaping or might be deciding on making the switch themselves. Then this thought came into my head earlier this week... I call it...

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