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chubby gorilla

  1. Countrypami

    Now Available - TMaxx and Vaping Watch brands shipped in Chubby Gorilla bottle!

    Introducing... HAVE IT YOUR WAY! You can now have your #TMaxxsNoFrillsMls and #VapingWatch brands SHIPPED in a 30ML or 120ML CHUBBY GORILLA bottle!! (Mad Murdock brand only available in glass) #vape #vapelife #ecig #ecigs #vaping #eliquid #ejuice #quality #deals...
  2. Countrypami

    Cheapest place to buy clear PET unicorn/CG bottles?

    Where is the cheapest place you've found to buy the clear PET unicorn/CG bottles? I am specifically looking for the 60ml and 120ml. I only need about 20 x 60ml and 10 x 120ml so the high qty bulk orders don't work for me. I found this one and tried to call BCV to make sure it's the bottle I...
  3. netweight

    Chubby gorilla 60ml bottle dropper stuck!!

    Hi. So while purchasing some flavors, I copped some chubby gorilla empties because I had one before and liked it. So I bought a few 30ml, 60ml, and one 120ml. I also recently bought some lotus flavors as they were on sale at ecx and I LOVE natural fruit flavors. Reading through some threads...

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