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cloud comp

  1. Ms. Trixy

    My first Cloud Comp - Semi Finals Tonight - N80 - Plz HELP

    My first cloud was pretty good. Twisted Messes 24 Pro deck, titanium screws, N80 Staged Clapton 28/36 & 26ga made by a member here and the Trinity Glass Comp Cap. I believe I was at .27 and one coil was pretty choked, using a Squid Double Barrel mod at 85w. That second pull was as hot as...
  2. lonedogmac

    Indianapolis Vaping...Alive and Well.

    I wanted to share a video with everyone about a cloud contest hosted by Artisan Vapor Co. in Noblesville.
  3. Darktators

    I need the best battery for single 18650 tube mod.

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I just got my first mech mod, I got a cartel copper mech mod and I have a twisted messes or a velocity v2 sitting on it. I've read a lot about batter safety but I'm ALL about pushing the limits and trusting my equipment. I'm just looking for the hardest hitting...

    Please list your Cloud Competitions in Here

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