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digiflavor pharaoh rta

  1. Jason149

    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Tank

    I'm a big fan of Digiflavor, I had the Original Pharaoh RTA and love it so the RTA was an easy choice. The Pharaoh Mini RTA will coming soon, it's update in their instagram, project by Rip Trippers, when I google, I find only Vaporl update for the tank, but the price is not sure yet...
  2. Steampugs

    Pugsley's huge and slightly nostalgic review of the Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA

    It seems like almost a lifetime ago that I won the Pharaoh RDTA in a competition on ELR.....(it was 6 months ago you drama queen)....and was given the immortal words..."Can you write a review on your prize for us"....... 'Erm........OK...?' I told the Mrs....'hey....they want me to right a...
  3. Paratech

    DigiFlavor Pharaoh RTA

    Time for another RTA It comes with plenty of extras and user manual including nine thousand languages however no actual instructions. Referencing item on top right of the above pic: Expansion Tube: 13mm tall including threaded section 10.5mm tall X 27mm OD with huge juice fill...
  4. Cacuqecig

    Newest Atomizers: DIGIFLAVOR and SMOK Atomizers

    DIGIFLAVOR PHARAOH RTA ATOMIZER Digiflavor won the hearts of both coilbuilderów and flavor chasers, letting Pharaoh RDTA. Great evaporator, perfectly reflected a taste, with lots of space for the construction of heaters. Just a few hours ago the company released another image views of the...
  5. Everzon

    Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA - 4.6ml

    DigiFlavor is releasing another innovative RTA - Pharaoh RTA, which is designed by Rip Trippers, just like Pharaoh Dripper Tank. This tank is deliberately designed to offer the best vaping experience. More details, check it out: Pharaoh RTA ● Innovative Airflow Control System (BAF+ Top Angled...

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