firmware upgrade

  1. B

    VandyVape Swell

    Hello fellow vapers, I came to you with a problem with my recently bought Swell Box. The problem is the box itself does not have all the options I can see on youtube videos or Vandyvape’s site like close-up ohm checker. I did update the firmware through the Vandyvape but nothing has changed. Any...
  2. Whocares

    Power VapeTools - AIO for firmware (VTCFont, Logos, Firmwares, ArcticFox, MyEvic, NFE, etc)

    I've made my own collection for vape firmwares. It has a lot of firmwares (and customs too), 2 firmware editors and flashers, nightly and stable ArcticFox/NFE/NtoolBox, easier folders structure. Logos example 64x40 96x16 Also, it has useful links like this For easier updating Firstly, I...
  3. AlonzoTheGreat

    Need help updating Cuboid

    Hello, I have a Cuboid that i want to upgrade the firmware on, but no matter what I do, my laptop won't detect it. I have installed the updating software as per the Joyetech instructions, but nothing happens when i plug my Cuboid in. It charges, and that's it. Is this a problem with my mod...
  4. F

    Firmware update for Smok Alien 220W?!

    I've downloaded the tool, get my mod successfully connected, but I can't select the file like the tutorial shows. It opens a blank window with nothing for me to select. I've checked the directory, and the .HEX file is present, I've tried redownloading, launching as admin, with and without...
  5. L

    How to Upgrade Your iStick Pico Firmware (Windows version)

    Get a iStick Pico,and don't know how to upgrade firmware ? Follow me please. 1.Find the iStick Pico on eleafworld via then you'll find the file of update the iStick Pico.V1.01 is available now. 2.Download the file"iStick Pico for...

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